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Design firm looks to trade logo design, ad work for office space

Design firm Jackpine are looking to make a trade: four days of their expertise— which they've used to make media campaigns for the likes of Adobe and astronaut Marc Garneau— in exchange for space in the offices of another business.

"If you’re an entrepreneur who has got a good idea, or a non-profit that has a killer mission, but your budgets are tight and can’t express all the good work you do, give us a couple cubicles and we’ll make it worth your while,"  said Liam Mooney, founder of Jackpine Wednesday.

Earlier in the week, the upstart firm of four put out the call for space on Craigslist, offering to design a logo, make a video, develop a tailor made website, set up a social media campaign and more for any business that takes them in. "We'll spend four days over the two months and take all our skills and make you something really special," said Mooney.

Right now, each of Mooney's employees work from home, a cost-cutting measure, he said, which removes the overhead for his business, allowing him to pass the savings on to their clients.

"Rather than rent the first commercial space we find, we wanted to find like minded people in the city to collaborate with," he said. "What’s happening now is we’re getting fairly high profile companies and we're growing beyond what we’re capable of doing in our current spaces."

If Mooney's pitch is successful and Jackpine ends up sharing offices with another firm, they will join a host of businesses which have taken up the trend known as "co-working" which many firms adopted as the recession shrunk their workforce.

"Two people moving in same direction can get their faster than one," said Mooney. "We're open to interesting arrangements. The fact that you can have a little bit of audacity and propose something to trade will help to build the company."

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