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Trailer Park Boys invade Ottawa and 4/20

The Trailer Park Boys were in Ottawa on the weekend reportedly to shoot their third movie.

On Sunday onlookers stopped on Sparks to gawk at the Canadian celebs who appeared to be in the process of getting "arrested." A minivan with blinking emergency lights and an actor dressed as a police officer stood nearby, while farther away real police officers directed passersby to the north side of Sparks Street.

A day before the actors put in an appearance on Parliament Hill during a gathering of pot legalization protesters for the annual 4/20 marijuana "smoke in," on the hill.

While production staff involved with the shoot declined comment on Sunday, a post on Reddit ahead of the shoot claimed the title of the movie would be TPB III: DON'T LEGALIZE.

A Tumblr blog posted photos of the show’s cast acting out a scene on Parliament hill during the 4/20 pot protest as did a number of Redditors. Some of the Saturday filming was also caught by onlookers and posted to Youtube.

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