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Video: Daniel Afredsson plays noodle hockey with pre-schoolers

Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson leant a helping er... noodle to a city of Ottawa announcement about a pilot program to promote healthy snacks and fitness at municipal day care centres.

Note how the experienced NHLer stands wellllll outside the fray of these rough and tumble noodlehockey bruisers.

After the event Alfie scrummed for a few questions and talked about his own family's efforts to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Of course there was a serious side to the whole event, with chief Medical officer of Health Dr. Isra Levy and other city officials announcing that the pilot project that has been run in the St. Luke's Child Care Centre for the past two years is being expanded to five municipal day care centres. The project will share best practices with child care providers to help them keep kids active and healthy and get them to develop four to six-week meal plans that use fresh produce rather than the often cheaper, but less healthy high carb, processed options that parents and caregivers sometimes fall back on when pressed for time. The city's goal is to eventually expand the program to all of its day care centres.

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