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Redditors say OC Transpo inviting 'shenanigans' with LRT feedback form

There isn’t much stopping internet trolls from submitting names like “Inconveniently Placed Downtown West” an infinite number of times for Ottawa’s LRT stations.

And OC Transpo seems to be OK with that.

Since Wednesday members of the public have been given the opportunity to provide suggestions for six stations on the Confederation Line until July 24. The city encourages respondents to come up with names that are familiar and geographically relevant.

Submissions can take place over the phone, on pamphlets distributed across the city, and on OC Transpo's website for stations including Tunney’s, uOttawa, Tremblay, Kent, Parliament, and Rideau.

A user on social news website Reddit, however, wrote on Wednesday that OC Transpo is “setting itself up for shenanigans” by allowing anyone to submit an suggestion an infinite number of times with whatever name they choose.

"The fun part is that they don't make you register an email address,"  the original poster wrote. “They may be checking IPs on their end, but so far, nothing has stopped me from voting several times."

People have already commented on the Reddit post with their own witty, but not entirely practical suggestions like “Station Out of Service” and “Shining Time Station.”

“That voice: "Funkadelic Station ... Station Funkadélique,” wrote another person in the thread.

There is also the potential for someone to abuse the feedback form by running software that would allow someone to submit a name every few seconds after repeatedly refreshing the webpage.

In response to an interview request from Metro about the potential for people to abuse the online submission form, OC Transpo emailed a statement saying transit services staff are committed to engaging the public on Confederation Line station names.

“This is not a voting exercise, rather the public is being asked to provide feedback on the recommended station names,” the statement read. “Newly proposed station names may be a part of the comments made by the public and staff will review and consider all submissions.”

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