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Mayor Watson looking to honour Daniel Alfredsson after Sens departure

Don’t be angry.

That’s the message Ottawa’s mayor has for hockey fans who feel betrayed and heartbroken after they found out Friday Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson is calling it quites with the team after 17 years.

The Goteborg, Sweden native will head to the Detroit Red Wings after reportedly signing a $5.5 million contract.

“I’m in the camp firmly that we should respect the work that he’s done,” said Mayor Jim Watson Monday. “We shouldn’t be angry. I know emotions come out of these things. He gave us 17 years of his best years in hockey.”

Still, the news has left a bad taste in the mouths of Sens fans across the city who praised their beloved ‘Alfie’ for his work both on and off the ice.

But the mayor is moving on and wants to find a way to properly honour Alfredsson, a native of Goteborg, Sweden, in the nation’s capital.

“I have a couple of ideas, but we’ll let the public have their say first and I think there’s an opportunity for us to honour him in some way,” said Watson. “What I’d like to do is honour him for not so much his hockey skills, but his community skills and those were quite remarkable.”

He commended Alfredsson for his contributions to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, the Ringside for Youth program, and his visits to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

“He is a true community leader and he’s going to be missed,” said Watson.

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