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Quebec father fined after letting girls car surf

After two young girls were seen car surfing, police in Quebec have fined a 29-year-old La Pêche man and submitted his case to the director of criminal prosecutions to see if charges should be laid.

Two girls ages six and seven were seen July 17 and 18 riding on the hood of a car on Du Lac Vert Road in La Pêche, MRC des Collines police said.

"Witnesses saw it on the first day and then they saw it happen again on the second day and they said 'We need to do something about this and not let this go unpunished,'" said MRC police spokesman Martin Fournel. Witnesses called police and the force says that as a result of an investigation, charges of criminal negligence and child abandonment could be filed.

Fournel said no one was injured in the incident. "That's the good part of this story," he said. Even though the incident happened in cottage country on a side road he said such horseplay is still dangerous. "You could fall off the car, your head hits a rock... it's just common sense."

The man fined is the father of the 6 year old girl, while the other young girl is his spouse’s daughter, Fournel said. "His girlfriend was in the car at the time. She's just lucky she wasn't charged too," Fournel said.

Police said the man was fined $1,264.00 for allowing a person to be on an outer

part of his vehicle.

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