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In pictures: Harvest Noir flash mob takes fashion shoot to street

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A flash mob decked out in vintage black clothing held an impromptu fashion show outside of the Government Conference Centre on Rideau St. on Sunday afternoon.

Men, women and even an infant were dressed in top hats, fascinators, fishnets and lace, all in effort to build hype around the upcoming Harvest Noir event on September 7.

“This year the theme is sexy and creative,” said Samantha Biron, one of the organizers of the pop-up picnic, dance party and parade.

Three years ago, Biron and her partner Greg Searle were visiting Montreal when they unexpectedly witnessed a pop-up picnic.

“I thought it was really extraordinary,” said Searle. “It’s a 25-year tradition coming from Paris. Montreal is kind of the city that took it off and now it is spread all over great cities across the continent.”

The element of surprise is what makes this event so unique, Searle explains.

On the day of the event, guest will get an email and the location will be disclosed.

“We live these really frenetic busy lives and yet at the same time, everything is predictable,” Searle said. “This is like an opportunity for people to participate in something a little edgier. It’s outside of the norm.”

Last year, the event attracted 1,500 people. Searle expects this year, the turnout will be the same.

“The first year we organized this people said there was no way it was going to work in Ottawa (because) Ottawa is boring,” said Searle. “I think we proved them wrong.”

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