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How to use your addiction to videogames for good and help CHEO

On Nov. 2, gamers will get the chance to play the game of their choice for 25 hours straight and raise so much-needed money for CHEO and the Children's Miracle Network when the annual Extra-Life game-a-thon returns.

Now in its fifth year, Extra-Life invites gamers of every stripe, from Gameboy and PC to board games and old-school consoles, to play for 25 hours straight. Participants can play as part of a team, or individually, from their own home, office, school or lab.

Here's how it works. Participants register online , recruit sponsors and play. Players can take breaks, and will even be allowed to to make up for lost time or recharge backup batteries. Hardcore players can go longer if 25 hours isn't enough.

In 2012, Ottawa gamers raised more than $23,282 for CHEO.

“We're hoping to destroy that number,” said local gamer Richard Von Dadelszen, 28, a computer programmer with Magmic, a local video game development firm, who led the Algonquin team in 2009 and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the game-a-thon since. “Gamers are always up for a challenge.”

This year, Von Dadelszen will attempt to play The Last of Us for 25 hours.

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