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Ottawa law firm to give startups $10K in free legal fees

An Ottawa law firm wants to be a “catalyst” in the city’s entrepreneurial sector, helping startups off-set legal costs by giving out up to $10,000 worth of legal fees for businesses eligible for government funding.

Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) announced Thursday it was launching the BLG Catalyst Program for small businesses looking to protect their intellectual property and patent their products. The program will match (in legal services) government funding given to the businesses up to a limit of $10,000 .

“We understand one of the last things Ottawa startups want to do is to spend money on legal fees, so what we do is we allow them to have access to free legal advice, so that they can spend their other money on producing product and developing that product,” said BLG partner Yves J. Menard.

“These companies have valuable property that they need to protect, so we are able to help them protect it, make sure they get their patents right, therefore once they start selling and once they become famous and get sales out, their assets are protected.”

BLG offers advice from its team of tech-savvy lawyers, patent and trademark agents specializing in intellectual property protection and corporate, labour and employment law.

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