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From burlesque to board games: 'nerdlesque' to hit Ottawa

A striptease does not normally lead to a quiet board game night.

But a burlesque troupe from Toronto will be shaking their tassels on stage and then sitting down over Clue and other classic games in Ottawa on Friday.

Nerd Girl Burlesque apparently has a devoted following in Toronto and will join the capital city’s own “nerdlesque scene” for the first time.

“Everything can be spiced up a little bit with burlesque, including board games,” said Ottawa performer Jolie Stripes, as she’s known on stage.

Her fellow capital city performers Miss Helvetica Bold and Kamie Lyann will be joining the Toronto troupe. The first half of the night will be a burlesque show and then the performers will join the audience for beers and games like Cards Against Humanity and Bananagram. Everyone is encouraged to bring a game they’d like to play, but if you were hoping to score a round of Twister with these burlesque ladies, then you’re probably out of luck. Stripes joked that there likely will not be enough room.

And, in case you were wondering, the performers will not be playing stripped down, sexy versions of these games. They’ll put on their street clothes.

“We thought the tassels would be distracting,” said Stripes, with a laugh.

Ottawa already has a "nerdlesque scene," burlesque following and a “huge geek scene,” she added.

They will see if board games can be thrown into the mix.

Tassels and Tabletop: Boardgames in Bytowne will be at the Clocktower Brew Pub, at 575 Bank St., on March 14 at 8 p.m.

Tickets are $10 at the door or at

Correction: This article previously suggested that Ottawa does not have a "nerdlesque scene." Actually, there's a full-fledged "nerdlesque" group, called Browncoats Burlesque.

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