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A Tribe Called Red DJ accused of being 'racist hypocrite' for T-shirt

Ottawa DJ trio A Tribe Called Red have been accused of racism and at least one individual is threatening to boycott Westfest because the band is set to headline the final night of the festival.

In an email to Westfest, the anonymous individual takes offence to a T-shirt one of the group’s DJs is seen wearing that has the words “Caucasians” across it and a cartoon white man. The email calls Ian Campeau, also known as Deejay NDN, a “racist hypocrite” for wearing the T-shirt.

"I must take issue with you booking a racist, hypocritical band, A Tribe Called Red,” the letter states. The writer also attacks Campeau for his human rights campaign against a local football team to change its Nepean Redskins name. The team changed  its name to the Eagles after Campeau filed a formal discrimination complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario .

The email continues to bash the band and ultimately states the writer will be boycotting the festival all together.

Campeau expressed his disgust on Instagram, where he posted a screen shot of the email. The outspoken musician said, “This is my hometown. So disappointing.”

Westfest wouldn’t comment on the complaint, but only confirmed that they had received one email and one voicemail from people threatening to boycott the fest if they didn’t remove the band from the bill.

The festival only stated in an email that, “we're excited to be welcoming A Tribe Called Red back home.”

Westfest runs from June 13-15 in Westboro Village and will also feature free concerts from Ashley MacIsaac, George Leach, the Peptides, Fevers, Shawnee and many others.

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