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Saucy country songstress returns to Ottawa

Shirley Gnome is not your average country singer. Originally from Vancouver, the Canadian Comedy award nominee spices up her lyrics with racy humor and graphic language while belting out stories about a plethora of sexual experiences.

Due to high demand made by an Ottawa fan base constructed over social media, Gnome is coming back to perform in the capital Wednesday evening after having played at Babylon Nightclub late last month.

When Gnome started her dirty country songwriting though, she never thought it would turn into a career.

"I sort of started it as a joke to make my friends laugh at parties, it was never thought to be anything more than that," said Gnome, who now performs six to 20 shows a month.

Since she launched her career five years ago, Gnome's released two albums and is planning on writing a third after she finishes touring.

Her 2012 album entitled "C*untry Music," features songs such as A**flower and Old Man, which detail explicit sexual scenarios with the use of an equally explicit set of vocabulary.

Gnome receives a variety of reactions from her performances, she said.

"There's no one reaction — most people find it funny, other people are scandalized, shocked, maybe a little embarrassed," she said. "There's always a mixture of different reactions and they're all welcome."

Gnome's bold take on songwriting is fundamental to her work.

"My intention is to really be as honest as I possibly can," said Gnome. "I find stuff that challenge the boundaries to be really funny."

On July 23, Gnome will be performing at Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York St. at 9 p.m. Tickets are being sold for $7 at and $10 at the door. It is a 19+ event.

Here's one of the few safe for work videos by Gnome:

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