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Janes Walk Ottawa offering tours on everything from history to edible plants

Tired of the Haunted Walk, Parliamentary tours or the bus that turns into a boat? This weekend offers a unique chance to discover some new spots through special one-day community-led walking tours.

The Jane’s Walk weekend in Ottawa that started 2008 has grown to include 60 different tours in English and French that offer a new perspective on the city.

“Other people in Ottawa have something to say about some aspect of the city that really excites them and that they want to share,” said Leigh Thorpe, Janes Walk Ottawa organizer. “If you want to find out about your city you go out, you walk around, you talk to people.”

Some of the guided walks have a political focus, while others are all about exploring nature, history or architecture. The entire list is available at

Included below are some highlights:

1. Places of Significance to Homeless People

This walking tour of the Market starts at Shepherds of Good Hope and incorporates the voices and experiences of many people who might spend the most time on Ottawa’s streets.

2. Indigenous Walk

You won’t look at Ottawa’s monuments and downtown vistas the same way after walking with Métis artist and educator Jaime Koebel, who discusses the un-ceded land from an indigenous perspective.

3. Using Edible Landscapes to Build Community

No garden? No problem. This walk explores edibles from the "trees, shrubs, bushes and herbs" of Centretown.

4. An Unauthorized History of Parliament Hill

No tour (except the official one of course) of the Hill would be complete without some politics. Tour leader Brian McDougall promises to spill the beans about who is celebrated (and who is not) on the lawn of Ottawa’s biggest landmark.

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