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Carleton profile: NDP candidate Kc Larocque

Kc Larocque is running for the NDP in Carleton, a new riding whose voters supported the Conservatives in 2011.

Kc Larocque is the NDP candidate in Carleton riding.


Kc Larocque is the NDP candidate in Carleton riding.

After leaving her job with the NDP to run her family’s business, Kc Larocque is back in the fold, this time as a candidate.

Larocque was acclaimed as the NDP candidate in Carleton in July. The “number one driving factor” behind her candidacy, she said, is child care.

As luck would have it, she’s running against the face of the Conservatives’ enhanced Universal Child Care Benefit, Pierre Poilievre.

“When I found out that Poilievre was going to be running in this riding, that made my decision all the more easy,” she said. “I’m a working mother, and the UCCB doesn’t go far enough to give parents a choice. It doesn’t give them an option.”

The NDP’s child care promise of one million child care spaces for $15 a day has been a key plank of their platform.

Larocque and her partner have a two-year-old daughter. She said under the current system of receiving $160 per month for child care, neither of them can afford to be stay at home parents.

“That $160 a month covers about 17 hours of our child care for the entire month, and that isn’t going to help parents that are struggling,” she said.

Larocque grew up in rural Ottawa, was a public servant for Health Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, then joined the NDP at its federal office in 2010.

She left last year to run her family’s HVAC business.

Although Carleton is a new riding, the area is covers has been a Conservative stronghold in the past.  But Larocque said she’s hearing frustration “with the way the Conservatives have handled scandal after scandal.”

“More and more people are starting to feel that the Conservatives are just not representing the values that they thought they did in previous elections,” she said.

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