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Deborah Coyne battles for Conservative turf in Carleton riding

The Green party candidate in the newly created riding of Carleton faces an uphill battle to unseat Conservative incumbent Pierre Poilievre.

Deborah Coyne is the Green party candidate in Carleton.


Deborah Coyne is the Green party candidate in Carleton.

Green party candidate Deborah Coyne faces a daunting task this election: overcoming Pierre Poilievre’s four-term Conservative dynasty in the new Carleton riding.

“One of the disadvantages are that people who are unfamiliar with the Green party often think of it as a one or two issue party; that they are only interested in the environment,” said Jeff Passmore, a Carleton resident who has been following the local race closely.

Coyne has to counter-balance this drawback by being well versed on significant election issues. “She’s good on her feet, and good at answering questions,” Passmore said.

More importantly, Coyne is no amateur when it comes to politics. She has had a long association with the Liberals, and is known for being a constitutional lawyer, professor and writer. She is now senior policy advisor to Green party Leader Elizabeth May.

Another factor that may play in her favour is that voters have become “disgruntled” with Tory leadership, according to Passmore. “Pierre is in for more of a race perhaps than he might have otherwise expected,” he said.

As the race unfolds, it’s still hard to gauge what the outcome will be. “Right now I am a little concerned that I haven’t heard more from any of the candidates,” said Tanya Hein, president of the Stittsville Village Association.

Going forward, the key will be getting known, requiring endless door-knocking and publicity. Coyne’s objectives will be to increase the number of constituents in the riding who vote Green, while also defeating Poilievre’s significant majority.

“It’s certainly not impossible,” Passmore said. “But it’s an uphill battle, for sure.”

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