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Parking space mini-park coming soon to Somerset Street

Two local organizations are teaming up to bring a 'parklet' to Somerset Street near the intersection with Percy Street.

Part of a mock-up design for


Part of a mock-up design for "Percy Station" a new tiny park coming to Somerset Street next month.

Starting next month Centretown will be another neighbourhood that can boast it has one of the first experimental “street side spots” in the city.

The pilot program launched by City Hall this year allows an individual parking spot along a main street to be converted into a tiny public park.

So far the Vanier BIA and Glebe Community Association have confirmed they have a spot in the works. Two local organizations are teaming up to bring another parklet to Somerset Street near the intersection with Percy Street.

The design of “Percy Station” is a team effort, proposed after months of work between employees from creative agency Jackpine's Jackpine Labs and architectural initiative Atelier Ruderal.

“The neighbourhood has been devastated a little bit over the last few months, especially as it relates to art, culture and local community,” said Liam Mooney from Jackpine.

In October the area lost the Daily Grind Café to a fire, and in December another local artsy hangout, Raw Sugar, closed down.

The team hopes the tiny park will regularly host impromptu concerts, a bike repair station and an herb garden.

“This won’t replace those venues, but it’s about putting something back in the neighbourhood where people can connect around common ideas or bump into someone and make a new friend,” said Mooney.

The rules around parklets are strict and laid out in the city’s application process, and can only be put in dedicated parking lanes so they don’t interrupt traffic.

“Because it’s a pilot program it gives us flexibility to be able to try something a little different,” said Lee-Michael Pronko from Atelier Ruderal. “That way we can draw on the resources of the city to get this going and once we launch the pilot we’d like to expand throughout the city.”

Construction will start at the beginning of April and will have to come down and go into storage in October.

The deadline to apply for the street side spots was Feb. 15.

The City of Ottawa said it is still in the evaluation process and does not have information on the number of other applicants. 

The project was developed by Jackpine's John McClelland and Liam Mooney and Atelier Ruderal's Monique St. Pierre, Luisa Ji and Lee-Michael Pronko.

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