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Five shows, and perks, you can get during CSArt’s 2016-17 season

Take home a piece of the Ottawa art scene.

One of the things you'll see during the upcoming CSArt season.

Courtesy CSArt

One of the things you'll see during the upcoming CSArt season.

CSArt has announced its 2016-17 season. If you’re one of the first subscribers to help fund the season, you can receive perks from local Ottawa artists. Here are the five things you’ll see during their season, and the five perks you can grab if you’re quick enough.

1. Access to all the shows

A full subscription to CSArt’s full program is $400. CSArt aims to make it like a theatre season where various artists from different corners of the art world get to interact with Ottawans in various different ways. Many of the shows allow their attendees to leave with a piece of art that they can take home with them.

2. A book of poetry

The first four people who donate $25 will be given a book of poetry by Chris Turnbull. During CSArt’s upcoming season, Turnbull will take subscribers on a nature note walk. Turnbull has been placing poems by Canadian artists in parks, and trails.

3.  The PepTides CD

With a donation of $30, you’ll be sent a copy of the PepTides’ two-CD set. The PepTides are a Canadian pop group that put on elaborate live performances. The two CD set is called “love question mark,” and explored the different concepts of love. During the CSArt season, subscribers will get to see the band in action. They will also be performing at this year’s Bluesfest.

4. Ceramic Art Piece

Susie Osler is an Ottawa-based ceramics artist. The first three people with a donation of $50 can receive her art piece. During CSArt’s season, she is also hosting a night of pottery and poetry. Subscribers can come and make pottery and listen to poetry, all while being fed.

5. Ink Drawing

If you’re one of the first three to donate $120, Ottawa artist Mark Stephenson will send you one of his pen and ink drawings. During the CSArt season, Stephenson is unveiling a large interactive piece of art that he will dismantle at the end of the season. Participants can then take a piece of the art home.

To subscribe, head over to CSArt’s indigogo page:

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