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Construction worker killed by falling ice at Ottawa condo site

Paramedics say a large piece of ice fell and struck the 25-year-old worker Wednesday morning.

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Paramedics say a 25-year-old construction worker has died after he was struck by a large piece of ice as he worked inside a 100-foot pit in Little Italy. 

First responders received a 911 call from his coworkers at 7:23 a.m. Wednesday and responded to the intersection of Preston and Carling Sts., where a multi-level condo is being built. 

Upon arrival, the male worker had vital signs but was unconscious. Paramedics spokesman J.P. Trottier said the patient suffered serious head injuries. 

Fire crews had to extricate the man using a crane and a basket. 

Trottier said as crews were loading him into the ambulance he lost vital signs. Shortly after arriving at hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The man's colleagues were "extremely helpful" to firefighters in getting the man out of the pit, added Trottier.

"Certainly they were quite upset... but kudos to them for the care they gave him before their arrival and certainly throughout the extrication process," he said. 

The Ministry of Labour is on site and is now investigating the incident. 

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