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Transport Canada will help fund minor improvements to Fallowfield Road rail crossing

The federal government will contribute $19,722 to help move and reconfigure traffic poles at the Fallowfield Road railway crossing.

Ottawa will be getting a small amount of help funding minor railway-crossing improvements as part of a nationwide $10.9-million commitment by Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

In total, the announcement committed $19,722 to changes at Fallowfield Road and $4,800 for work at Corkstown Road in Nepean. Each amount is half the estimated cost of safety improvements.

The Fallowfield money will go towards moving and reconfiguring traffic poles to increase sightlines around the crossing.

Other municipalities are receiving hundreds of thousands to install new warning systems and pedestrian sidewalks. The department said it is using traffic volume and accident history as factors to select crossings for upgrades.

The announcement also included $4,800 that will go towards replacing incandescent lights with LEDs at the crossing on Corkstown Road in Nepean.

In a report on the 2013 bus-train crash at the Fallowfield crossing Transportation Safety Board recommended the city consider implementing expensive grade separations at Woodroffe Avenue, Transitway and Fallowfield Road.

The city is currently investigating whether overpasses or underpasses could be implemented at five railway crossings, but Mayor Jim Watson said last December that federal money would be needed.

The $10.9 million total will go toward improving 400 rail crossings across the country through the Grade Crossing Improvement Program.

The March federal budget earmarked $143 million over three years to enhance rail safety and the transportation of dangerous goods.

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