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East-end tenants fight to hold on to their front yard landscaping

Earlier this week Manor Park Management left a “final warning” notice in mailboxes.

One of the Manor Park Estates houses includes stained wooden furniture, a welcome sign, a small shed and a tiny water fountain.

Haley Ritchie/Metro

One of the Manor Park Estates houses includes stained wooden furniture, a welcome sign, a small shed and a tiny water fountain.

Residents living in the Manor Park Estates row houses say they are ready to defend their patio furniture, barbecues, stepping stones and porch swings from an east-end landlord fed up with front lawn landscaping.

Earlier this week, Anand Aggarwal, owner of Manor Park Management, left a “final warning” notice in mailboxes, warning that anything left out in the yards would be removed starting Friday at 9 a.m.

None of the houses have backyards but around half have built-up front yards – many include substantial wooden decks, privacy screens, barbecues, paving stones and outdoor patio furniture.

Kathleen Chenier has lived on the street for two years. Her front yard patio includes paving stones that were already installed when she moved in, a swinging chair and a flower garden.

“If they come and tell us to take it down, I’d like my money back,” said Chenier. “It’s been very frustrating. So many of us put so much time in and so much money in to make our front yards look good. The houses look nice and we want the outside to look good as well.”

“We spent about half the day here, letting the dogs out,” she said. “I will take any action needed because I’m not changing anything.”

Chenier said there is no part of the lease that forbids furniture or barbecues on the front lawn.

“We’re making it feel homey, it’s our space. We don’t have a backyard. For each of us it’s an extension of our home, this is our own little fortress of solitude.”

Aggarwal said the notice was sent out to make sure the properties look clean and to make it easier for contractors are unable to mow lawn.

“Some do a good job and others not so good,” he said in a written statement. “I want to keep my project clean and looking good. It starts with a tenant bringing a couple of chairs out, keeps piling tables and heavy furniture and garden sheds. It is getting out of hand.”

He said the notice will be sent out block by block.

Marcel and Gisele Boulaine, who have been living in their home for 25 years, haven’t received a notice yet either. They said they won’t take any note seriously unless it’s dated and has letterhead from the company.

The Boulaines said that while some houses do have clutter in their front yards, they mow their own lawns, their tidy patio set is meant for the outdoors and the barbecue is stored safely.