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Ontarians most likely to love what they do for work: Monster survey

Around 20 per cent of Canadians say they love their job – while just six per cent say they completely hate their work.

Job search website Monster says 30 per cent of Ontarians like their job, compared to 22 per cent of Canadians overall.

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Job search website Monster says 30 per cent of Ontarians like their job, compared to 22 per cent of Canadians overall.

Only a third of Ontarians love heading to work every day, according to a new survey.

Job search website Monster conducted the survey last month and found 30 per cent of Ontarians said they “love what they do.” That’s ahead of the national average, which found just 22 per cent of Canadians feel the same way.

Laurent Lapierre, a professor at the University of Ottawa who specializes in workplace behaviour and health, said whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, there’s some main criteria that make a job lovable.

The job has to be meaningful – people are happiest when they feel they’re fulfilling a personal value.

“As a university professor, I find my work meaningful because I think it’s a way of educating the public. That has personal meaning for me.”

Success should also be achievable, since ideally employees want to feel as if they’re doing a good job. Most people (unsurprisingly) don’t like being micromanaged and want some freedom. The final element is impact.

“Meaning when you try to carry out your task, or the way you carry out your work, it leads to results. It actually affects things – in the organization or if you want to be grandiose, in society at large,” said Lapierre. “The opposite of that is if you do really, really well no one cares. Because it’s not of much consequence.”

Even when people like the type of work they’re doing, Lapierre said their love of the job is often hampered by their dislike for their managers.

“There’s a lot of really bad managers out there,” said Lapierre.

The adage “you don’t quit a job, you quit a manager” was confirmed in Monster’s survey, which found just three per cent of Canadians said they loved their boss.

Despite micromanagers, bad bosses and dead end jobs, the majority of Canadians agreed they could find something they liked about their job. Only six per cent of working people surveyed completely hated their work.

The survey was conducted by Leger in January, and asked 825 working Canadians about their motivation and work. The survey has a margin of error of 3.4 per cent.

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