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Data drove placement of 20 new red-light cameras, city says

Targeted intersections all have a high-rate of T-bone crashes

Ottawa will put up 20 new red-light cameras by the end of the year.

Keith Beaty/Toronto Star

Ottawa will put up 20 new red-light cameras by the end of the year.

The city let data drive its decision making in the placing of 20 new red-light cameras that will be put up across the city this year.

The new locations were announced on Monday, bringing the total number of cameras in the city to 54.

Krista Tanaka, program manger of road safety and traffic investigations, said they initially looked for place s where there had been three or more angle collisions in a given year. They then expanded that list to any intersections with five or more angle collisions involving vehicles heading in the same direction over the last several years.

“We looked at all of those locations that had already been identified and noticed many had a significant pattern,” she said.

That led to the list of 20 intersections, but Tanaka said they also looked closer at each intersection. The city’s experience is that rear-end collisions can rise in spots where the cameras go up.

“Sometimes rear-end collisions go up as people are slamming on their brakes so they don’t get a ticket,” said Tanaka.

She said any intersection where rear-end collisions were already a problem was pulled from the list.

“We wouldn’t want to introduce a camera at a location that already had a high rear-end collision issue.”

Tanaka said cyclists are counted in the vehicle tallies, so any intersections where cyclists and cars collide at right angles would have been captured in their search.

She said while pedestrians would not have been captured in the same hunt, they also don’t see many pedestrian collisions where red-light running is the major factor.

“The left turn across them is one of our higher ones and we’re currently in the process of reviewing all our pedestrian collisions,” she said.

The new cameras will go up in the months ahead. The fine for running a red-light is $260 with a $5 processing fee and an additional $60 surcharge.

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