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Worker injured in LRT tunnel construction accident

Worker walked out on "his own volition."

A worker walks through the LRT tunnel last summer.

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A worker walks through the LRT tunnel last summer.

A worker was injured Saturday during construction of the Confederation line tunnel downtown.

Ottawa Fire servies were called to a tunnel entrance near Kent and Queen Street and initially deployed a full technical rescue team based on where the injured person was, but once they arrived found that wasn’t necessary.

Ottawa Fire said the initial report was that the worker was severely injured.

Peter Lauch, technical director of the Rideau Transit Group, said the worker was able to get out of the tunnel under their own power.

“The worker walked out of the tunnel of his own volition and has been taken to the hospital to be assessed,” he said in a statement.

In November, fire services had to respond to the tunnel when three workers became trapped on a scissor lift during a construction accident.

The tunnel for the Confederation Line is 2.5 kilometres long. The entire line is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

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