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Pathways under water as Ottawa River rises

NCC did shore stabilization work along pathways last year.

Pathways behind Parliament Hill are below water as the Ottawa River has risen.

Ryan Tumilty / Metro

Pathways behind Parliament Hill are below water as the Ottawa River has risen.

The National Capital Commission is praying for drier weather ahead so they can inspect any damage to recently upgraded paths along the Ottawa River.

The commission has closed paths all along the river due to flooding. A kilometre-long section behind Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court were closed earlier in the week, with the water covering the paths entirely by Thursday.

Other paths between Richmond Road and Parkdale Avenue were also closed.

In the stretch behind Parliament, the bases of several light standards were completely submerged.

NCC spokesman Cédric Pelletier said on Thursday that the extent of damage along the paths was unknown.

“We have to wait until the water level goes down to see the impact,” he said. “I have never seen the Ottawa River so high.”

The commission did work last year to stabilize the shoreline, Pelletier said.

“We will have to assess every piece of infrastructure when the water goes down.”

He said the work last year was meant to protect the pathway from the rising waters, but this water level is exceptionally high.

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, which tracks water levels, said in their updated forecast that water levels will remain where they are and could rise if more rain, which was in the forecast as of Thursday afternoon, does come.

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