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Neighbours want code of conduct, more porta-potties for Bluesfest

Neighbours looking for small steps to improve relationship with festival.

Matt Bellamy with the band Muse performs at Bluesfest on Saturday.

Mark Horton - RBC Bluesfest Photo Pool

Matt Bellamy with the band Muse performs at Bluesfest on Saturday.

Bluesfest’s neighbours are asking that next year those leaving the festival have somewhere else to go rather than their backyard.

Michelle Tribe, who lives near the site, said she and her neighbours are tired of dealing with the people urinating in their backyards or along fences.

The residents are asking that Bluesfest include a code of conduct next year, for more patrols from police or bylaw officers, and that porta-potties be set up around the community.

Tribe said they’re not trying to spoil the party, but just want to cut down on the most disrespectful actions.

“Bluesfest is a great festival. It’s a great way to get great talent into this city,” she said. “We understand you’re young and drunk and having a good time and we’re just asking for a little bit more respect.”

Tribe said they think a code of conduct would be a nice reminder to guests that they should behave.

“It would just be a reminder for people when they’re purchasing their tickets.”

She said she recognizes that between the festival site and the places where people are going there aren’t a lot of places to stop and pee and having porta-potties might change that.

“Maybe if we offered them appropriate places to pee we wouldn’t have this problem.”

She said they have had problems since the festival moved to LeBreton Flats, but this year things appears to have escalated considerably.

“This year has been really bad. I don’t know what triggered it.”

Tribe said her and some neighbours are bringing the problems to the attention of their city councillor, Mayor Jim Watson and Bluesfest. She said they don’t want to be in constant conflict with the festival.   

“Hopefully, we can affect change, because otherwise it’s just going ot be more and more clashes.”

Metro attempted to reach out to Bluesfest, but no one was available Sunday afternoon.

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