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OC Transpo bus cancellations climb again in September

After hitting low in July, cancellations climbed in August and September.

An OC Transpo bus out of service at the Tunney's Pasture station.

Ryan Tumilty / Metro

An OC Transpo bus out of service at the Tunney's Pasture station.

After a drop over the summer, OC Transpo cancellations climbed again in September according to data developed by Metro.

Metro’s tracking of the number from the @OCTranspoLive twitter account showed the agency cancelld 880 trips across the city in September, up from 749 in August and 570 in July.

The number is still much lower than the approximately 1,500 cancellations on the service had in February, March and April when Metro first began tracking the numbers.

OC Transpo reduces services over the summer, which brings down the number of buses that can be cancelled. The agency has also said that weather is a major source of delays that ultimately lead to cancellations.

Once again the most often cancelled routes are the large, frequent cross-town routes. The Route 95 was cancelled 132 times in September and the Route 97 was out of service 58 times. The Route 91 was cancelled 45 times, the Route 94 was cancelled 38 times and the Route 98 was taken out of service 24 times.

Local routes were also canceled regularly across the service, with the Route 12 being worst hit with 54 cancellations. Following it were the Route 6 with 49 trips taken off the road. The Route 11 was next on the list with 40 cancellations, then the Route 88 with 37 and the Route 7 with 30.

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