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Laurier Avenue Bike Lanes reducing collision says City of Ottawa

Study of Laurier lanes show big jump in cycling

A cyclist in the Laurier bike lane on Tuesday.

Emma Jackson / Metro

A cyclist in the Laurier bike lane on Tuesday.

Cyclists, pedestrians and even drivers are all safer with the installation of the Laurier Avenue bike lanes, according to new data the city released Tuesday.

In a memo to councillors, John Manconi, the city’s general manager of transportation, said the lanes are working as intended.

“The review has confirmed that safety has increased along the corridor and that users are adapting to the installation of the segregated bike lanes,” he said.

When comparing the four-year period before the installation to the four years after, collisions with pedestrians were cut in half, those with cyclists dropped 30 per cent and car crashes fell 10 per cent.

Tensions have also eased, despite cycling on that stretch of Laurier climbing 330 per cent.

“The bicyclist behavior study found that conflicts between cyclists and motor vehicles continue to reduce in number and severity,” said Manconi in his memo to council.  

The review did find areas for improvement, including more public awareness, better signage and more green paint highlighting the lanes.

Most of the changes have either been done or are planned for next year.

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