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Algonquin students face possible strike

Instructors at college and 23 others across the province could strike Monday.

Algonquin College students could be out of class by Monday if instructors strike.

Randy Risling / Toronto Star Staff

Algonquin College students could be out of class by Monday if instructors strike.

Algonquin College students could find themselves out of class along with students at 23 other campuses across the province, as a strike date has been set for Monday.

OPSEU, the union, and the College Employer Council are no longer talking and the union set a Monday morning deadline before they will go out on strike.

Ruth Dunley, a spokesperson for Algonquin College said if the instructors do choose to walk a picket line, classes at the school would stop and the school is preparing for that.

“Daytime classes for full-time programs will stop,” she said. “However, all three of our campuses will remain open to students, with most services continuing to operate, so they will be able to meet with classmates and continue their studies independently.

Dunley said student association events would continue and any classes at Carleton or the University of Ottawa taught by faculty from those schools would still take place.

J.P. Hornick, the chair of the OPSEU bargaining team, says the employer again refused to consider key issues in the ongoing dispute.

She says the goal of setting a strike deadline “is to get negotiations moving before it's too late.”

However, the council says it did not walk away from the table.

OPSEU, which represents more than 12,000 employees in the college system, has said the key issues include giving faculty and students more of a voice in academic decisions and what it calls the “ongoing exploitation of contract faculty.”

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