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OC Transpo will start testing fare gates next month

The gate system will be used at all LRT stations when the new line opens next year

Rendering of the fare gate system to be installed at OC Transpo LRT stations

City of Ottawa

Rendering of the fare gate system to be installed at OC Transpo LRT stations

The city will begin testing its fare gate system on the O-Train Trillium Line on November 1, according to a memo sent to members of council by transit boss John Manconi.

The fare gates at Carling station will be operational as of November 1, followed by Carleton, Confederation and Greenboro stations, which will be activated on November 3, 6 and 8, respectively.

Bayview Station, which will be the transfer point between the Trillium and Confederation Lines once the latter opens, will not have fare gates installed at this time.

The testing is another step as OC Transpo prepares for the launch of the Confederation Line at some point in 2018. The fare gates will allow people to pay to get into the LRT system and transfer within it, rather than requiring transfers or re-tapping your Presto card for transfers within LRT stations.

Riders will still be able to buy single-fare tickets, but will purchase them and use them to then pass through the fare gates.

“The phased testing approach will allow customers a chance to get to know the new fare gate and ticket machine functions in a real-life, high-traffic environment, and will allow OC Transpo an opportunity to work out any issues that may arise,” said Manconi in the memo.

OC Transpo staff will be on hand to help riders navigate the new system when the gates go live.


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