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Citizens' associations call for action on OC Transpo

The Federation of Citizens' Association called on the city to stop delaying on improving the Transportation Master Plan

Emma Jackson / Metro

The Federation of Citizens’ Association, an organization that connects small community groups, is calling on the city to take immediate steps to increase the number of people who walk, bike, and take transit.

“Our members support the [Transit Master Plan’s] goals and are not willing to wait until 2021 to update the TMP,” said FCA president Sheila Perry, in a statement. “We have concrete suggestions that council can undertake now to meet its transportation goals.”

The city’s transportation master plan was initially slated to be updated in 2018, but was pushed to 2021 because of the introduction of the LRT and delays with Ontario Municipal Board hearings.

The FCA is concerned the excitement around the LRT may actually lead to a loss of focus on increasing transit use.

“While the comfort and capacity of LRT trains will be attractive, the FCA is concerned that the process of transferring from feeder buses to the LRT may be a disincentive for transit users, particularly those who have access to automobiles as an alternative,” reads the report.

“The TMP is silent on policies that would attract more transit riders, or which may persuade car users to use transit rather than cars.”

Among the recommendations that the group put forward were that the city develop a transition plan that “addresses the issue of transfers at LRT stations,” and that the city develop policies that help create affordable housing near transit stations.

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