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OC Transpo cancellations rise in October

New routes emerge as most cancelled locally.

An OC Transpo bus out of service at the Tunney's Pasture station.

Ryan Tumilty / Metro

An OC Transpo bus out of service at the Tunney's Pasture station.

Bus cancellations rose again in October on OC Transpo routes across the city.

Metro tracks the cancellations using the city’s @OCTranspoLive twitter account, which reported 1,063 cancellations in October.

After falling in the summer, cancellations have been steadily creeping back up. There were 880 trips cancelled in September, up from 749 in August and 570 in July.

The most frequently cancelled routes remain the large cross-town routes. Route 95 was cancelled 124 times in October, followed by Route 94 at 72 times, Route 91 at 69 times and Route 97 at 66 times.

There were two new routes on the list of frequently cancelled local route trips this month. Route 104, which has not typically seen major cancellations, had 57 in October, topping the local list.

Route 105, which is also not usually a problem, had 44 cancellations.

The other trips in the unfortunate top five local cancellations included Route 6, at 54 cancellations, Route 12 at 47 cancellations and Route 61 at 39 cancellations.

Metro reached out to OC Transpo to discuss the cancellations, but no one was available before press time. Previously, the agency has said that traffic congestions is the most common reason they are forced to take buses out of service.

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