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Lynnwood Gardens to get new water infrastructure

Residents of Lynnwood Gardens, a small mobile home neighbourhood in Edwards, have been advised not to drink the water since mid-2016.

Jennifer McIntosh/Metroland

Residents of the Lynnwood Gardens neighbourhood in the town of Edwards will soon be able to drink the local water, after being advised against doing so by public health officials since mid-2016 due to high arsenic levels.

According to a press release from local councillor George Darouze, Killam Properties has "recently commisssioned a new, state of the art water treatment plant that will substantially improve the water quality of the private wells."

Local MPP Lisa MacLeod had previously described the water as "third-world quality," and said that Killam Properties should be "ashamed."

To improve the water, Killam is spending apptoximately $400,000, which will be spent on purification infrastructure, as well as a 30,000 litre storage cistern.

"Killam has made water quality in Lynnwood a priority since the issue was identified, and it has been a pleasure working with them," said Darouze, in a statement. "I greatly appreciate the efforts and investments that they have put forward."

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