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DJ brings his Prince and Michael Jackson show to town

Dave Paul brings the work of two greats back to life.

DJ Dave Paul is hosting a tribute to both Prince and Michael Jackson.


DJ Dave Paul is hosting a tribute to both Prince and Michael Jackson.

It doesn’t take long for Dave Paul to find out how “diehard” a city’s music fans are when it comes to Michael Jackson and Prince.

The San Francisco DJ just has to drop a few B-sides, rare tracks from the vault, or off-the-wall remixes of the two pop icons and see how the crowd moves. It’s part of what drives the DJ’s song selection for the rest of the evening, as the crowd tells him how deep he can dive into the discography of arguably the two most influential voices in pop music.

“It will be great to see which songs people react to and which ones people don’t react to,” says Paul, who is bringing The Prince and Michael Experience to Kinki this Friday for the first time ever. He’s been throwing the throwback bash every week for the past 15 years, branching out to cities throughout North America, and educating music lovers on how deep the Prince and Michael Rabbit hole really goes. He’s always excited to see how new cities respond to his deep repertoire of tunes.

“You can always test it out with a couple songs and go, ‘Oh, they don’t know this,’” he adds, laughing.

“The cool thing is that there are Prince and Michael Jackson fans everywhere, as far as the diehard fans, but you can’t survive on diehard fans alone because you can’t fill a room, so you have to get the drinkers, the dancers, the hipsters, the party people.”

His party only got busier after both MJ and Prince died. But what Paul noticed the most was how many people opened up to Michael Jackson after his death.

And while you may think that playing the same party repeatedly with just the music from two artists could be limiting, boring and complacent, Paul says there is never one party that is the same. He never plans his sets out, rarely mixes the same two songs together and draws an almost entirely new crowd every night. The vibes are different, the music is different, and the experience is altogether new. What makes this possible is the amount of both hits and B-sides that MJ and Prince have — as well as Prince’s secret music vault that is filled with unreleased tracks from post-1995.

“He was incredible and I’m always discovering different unreleased tracks here and there and his demos and his throw-away tracks, especially in the '90s, were just so funky,” adds Paul.

Catch the Prince and Michael Jackson Experience this Friday at Kinki – and party like it’s 1999.

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