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Hassan Diab supporters want Canada to act

Former Carleton professor has been imprisoned awaiting trial for three years.

OP-KUTTY3 Hassan Diab, the Ottawa professor who has been extradited to France.

PATRICK DOYLE / Toronto Star Staff

OP-KUTTY3 Hassan Diab, the Ottawa professor who has been extradited to France.

Supporters of a former Carleton University professor who continues to be imprisoned in France want the Canadian government to step in.

Hassan Diab, has been imprisoned for three years in France, accused of having participated in the bombing of a Paris synagogue in 1980 that killed four. people

He was recently ordered released on bail for the eighth time, but an appeal court overturned that decision. As a result, he will be imprisoned for at least another six months.

Roger Clark, a member of Diab’s support committee here in Canada, said it’s past time for pressure to have the French release Diab.

“We need to bring more pressure to bear on the French government to ensure the right thing is done,” he said. “The judicial process is being influenced and distorted through other forces.”

Clark said more and more evidence has come forward that makes it clear Diab was not involved in the bombing, but the government does not want to back down.

“I think the French government and the president himself does not want to appear to be weak on terrorism.”

Diab was extradited from Canada to face charges in France in 2014. Clark said it’s time for the government to admit that was a mistake.

“The extradition in the first place from Canada was flawed, but I think that now increases the onus on the Canadian authorities.”

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