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Backstage Pass: Saskatchewan’s Jess Moskaluke a rising star, so catch her if you can

Saskatchewan’s own Jess Moskaluke knows a little bit about being seen. Her songs racked up an impressive total of eight million views on YouTube.

The 22-year-old Langenburg, Sask., girl's debut album release, Catch Me If You Can, hit stores earlier this month after a kick-off party at Regina’s Whiskey Saloon.

“We took two years to put this together. The writing took up much of the first year. We just built up a catalogue of songs, then thought there might be a collection there,” said Moskaluke.

“We were in Nashville where we did some song demos. We were very confident in them and the rest of the project was completed in Vancouver.”

Moskaluke recently completed a 45-city tour throughout North America, where she says the new songs went down well on the road.

“People are open to new music,” said Moskaluke. “If you throw in the odd cover on the road, it keeps them interested in the stuff they haven’t heard.”

A hidden track on the record, Hit and Run, is catching on so well with listeners, it will likely be the next single off the record.

Moskaluke says she had a goal in mind with Catch Me If You Can.

“It was really important for me this time around for this to be a writing project and to have a hand in every track.”

Her career began in small towns throughout Saskatchewan at the age of 15. Her debut single, Amen Hallelujah, has chalked up over a half a million views on YouTube.

“Small towns in general have always inspired me, but in Saskatchewan it’s the relationships and the people here,” said Moskaluke. “It is confidence-building knowing people are here backing me up and knowing where I come from.”

Moskaluke understands the power of social media and online hit counts more than anyone. She acknowledges YouTube helped her get noticed by the right people.

“Without it there would be no singles, no CMT, all kinds of things,” said Moskaluke. “I’ve had massive support from social media and online. It is a necessity that I keep in touch with fans. I really think I owe it back and it has to stay that way for me for sure.”

Moskaluke has more than the new EP to keep her busy. This week she travels to Abbotsford, B.C., to begin work on a Christmas single.

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