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The Other Side explores the haunted places of Western Canada

It’s a fairly nondescript bungalow located on the west side of Saskatoon, hardly the kind of place that one would associate with a scary movie or TV show.

“People seem to think you need to have a really old creepy building to be haunted and it’s not the case,” says paranormal researcher Bill Connelly. “Whether you have a house built in 1912 or 2012, you’re going to have spiritual activity taking place.”

Connelly is part of the team behind The Other Side, a 13-part documentary series produced by Angel Entertainment that sets out to uncover the truth behind reportedly haunted locations in western Canada.

He has spent the past 20 years investigating claims of paranormal activity and says hauntings have far more to do with the beings inside the building than the structures themselves. His goal is to help the residents, both the living and those that remain in spirit form.

“We like to choose stories that are personal, where there’s a family involved that’s in distress. I would personally rather do an investigation in a home, like where we are tonight, where it can help a family than in an old farmhouse where it really doesn’t matter.”

Connelly says his role on the show is to rule out all possible natural explanations before turning to the supernatural. To do this, he uses a variety of technical equipment that measures electromagnetic activity, heat and radio frequencies.

“The theory is that spirits can communicate with us using their electromagnetic field…”

Interestingly, at this exact moment during his interview, a small stack of equipment next to Connelly fell over. But he demonstrated his skeptical nature by chalking it up to coincidence and gravity.

While troublesome spirits at this location may have a flair for the dramatic, the forces behind the television show take a more subdued approach. The Other Side team includes an Aboriginal elder and relies heavily on First Nations teachings and beliefs.

“We’re approaching every case with heart and soul and through that cultural lens, so it’s really different from what viewers have seen in other paranormal shows,” said Jeff Richards, a mentalist who appears on the show.

But he adds that doesn’t mean viewers won’t be spooked by what they see when The Other Side airs starting in October of 2013 on APTN and Vision TV.

“We have probably captured some of the best vocal evidence and footage of any of the ghost hunting shows you see out there,” added Richards. “We’ve been floored by the evidence we’ve captured.”

Spectres of Saskatchewan

Who knew our province was such a spooky place? In addition to filming at The Atlas Coal Mines in Drumheller, Alta., The Other Side visited several local haunts:

  • The Regina College Building

  • The Kerrobert Courthouse

  • The Moosehead Inn in Kenosee

  • The Duck Lake Hotel

  • The Bekevar Church in Kipling

  • Saskatoon’s Western

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