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Da Vinci exhibit explores one of the world's greatest minds in Regina

The new exhibit at the Saskatchewan Science Centre brings to life the pages of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks in an unprecedented way.

Da Vinci – Inventions explores the ideas of one of the world’s greatest minds and includes replicas of his inventions, art, engineering and much more.

Among the more than 200 pieces the exhibit features are 75 life-size Da Vinci machine replicas, some of which had never before been created.

What’s more, many these replicas allow for an interactive experience, bringing centuries old ideas to life.

“It is really a family experience where children and adults can come together and explore some of the inventions and look at some of the paintings up close and personal,” said Sandy Baumgartner, executive director at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

According to Baumgartner, while the pieces may range from war machines and flying inventions to bicycles and musical instruments there is a common theme running through all the work.

“What I would see as a common theme is his ability to see the world around him, see how things work and still be curious, inquisitive and never stop learning,” said Baumgartner.

“As you go through them (the inventions) you will see that there are often modern day counterparts, like the wind turbine, the tank or the ball bearings,” said Baumgartner.

Da Vinci- Inventions, created by Garnde Exhibitions, Australia, with help from Leonardo Da Vinci experts from Italy and France, has already travelled around the world and has now made its way to the prairies.

Tickets for non-members of the Saskatchewan Science Centre are $20 for adults, for members it is $10. The exhibit opened on Saturday and will be closing April 28.

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