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Regina police warn public of scams

The Regina Police Service are warning the public about three scams that have come to their attention recently.

The first is known as the ‘grandparent scam’ in which a scammer will call a senior citizen and convince them they are actually a family member, such as a grandson or daughter, and that they are in an urgent crisis such as being in jail and in need of bail. The scammers then convince the victim over the phone to immediately wire cash to them in order to help.

The second scam police are warning about has to do with rental properties. A scammer will call a landlord regarding a rental advertisement. The scammer will send a cheque for rent with thousands of dollars in overpayment to the victim landlord. The landlord then refunds the overpayment for rent while the original cheque never cleared at the bank, leaving the landlord short the amount of the over payment.

The third scam is known as the ‘secret shopper’ scam. It targets job hunters by advertising work as a secret shopper. The victims who accept the job are given a cheque to use when they are working as a secret shopper for purchasing goods while they work– but are told to return some leftover funds to the company. However, the original cheque bounces and the victim is left without the money they used for the goods and the money they gave to the scammers.

If you have been a victim of these or any other scams, please contact the Regina Police Service at 777-6500.

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