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NDP leadership candidate Ryan Meili is looking to build healthy societies

Part one of our three-part series profiling the candidates in the NDP leadership race.

NDP leadership hopeful Ryan Meili says he’s got the medicine for his party’s ailments.

“As a physician, I have lots of experience working in inner-city Saskatoon, in rural Saskatchewan, northern Saskatchewan –even in Sub-Saharan Africa. And part of what has driven me to politics is what I saw in those settings,” said Meili.

Meili said he’s turned to politics because he is frustrated with “cleaning up the mess, if you will, dealing with the symptoms rather than the causes of ill health.”

Because of this, his approach to public policy has an emphasis on human well-being; a point he has brought up regularly on the campaign trail.

“My campaign does have a fairly straightforward theme and that is the idea of having a healthy society by addressing the things that make the biggest difference on our health and well-being – so really changing the way we think about politics,” said Meili.

But Meili’s approach doesn’t relate only to health-care policy. He wants to make healthier societies by “addressing the things that make the biggest difference, income, education, housing, employment, the weather and environment, what we call the social determinants of health.”

Meili, the only candidate in the race who is not a sitting MLA, says that he will never tire of the province he wishes to serve.

“There is just a fascinating amount of character to be found in this province and you could spend a lifetime exploring this province and never understand it all, never get bored,” said Meili.

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