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Cam Broten is looking to rebuild the NDP brand

Part two of our three part series profiling candidates in the Saskatchewan NDP leadership race

Throughout the NDP leadership campaign, Saskatoon MLA Cam Broten stressed the importance of rebuilding the party in Saskatchewan.

“I have articulated a very clear plan for what needs to happen within the party,” said Broten. “We have, as New Democrats, a view of what kind of society we should create… but in order to do that we need our party to be in the shape that we need it to be in, so that we can be an effective political organization.”

He hopes to accomplish this in a number of ways.

“I have talked a lot about making membership matter, so that people know if they are involved in the party they have a real say and influence on its outcomes,” said Broten. Other changes Broten is pushing for include “modernizing our policy process, absolutely electing more women, bringing people into the party who are not currently represented and, very importantly, reconnecting with rural Saskatchewan.”

A party rebuild has been in the works since 2011. After a thorough defeat at the polls, then-leader leader Dwain Lingenfelter stepped down, prompting the current leadership race.

For his part, Broten said his favourite part of Saskatchewan is the diversity of its people.

“How they come together and think about how we want to have a stronger society and cooperate, and those are the values that Saskatchewan was built on and will continue to serve us well in the decades ahead,” said Broten.

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