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Trent Wotherspoon keeping an eye on the big picture

Part 3 of our three part series profiling the candidates in the NDP leadership race 

While he may be competing for the leadership of the provincial NDP, Regina MLA Trent Wotherspoon says he has the whole province in mind while on the campaign trail.

“What we clearly need to do as a party is reach out and become relevant once again and be strong and in touch with communities and people all across Saskatchewan,” said Wotherspoon.

He says the long campaign for leader of the NDP, and by extension leader of the opposition in Saskatchewan, has been encouraging.

“What I look forward to doing if I am granted the privilege of serving as leader is immediately hit the ground running uniting the strengths of our candidates and teams,” said Wotherspoon. But he says he won’t stop there. “We must reach out to the entire province so that we can be that progressive force that we need to be.”

He hopes to engage the rest of the province by creating a desirable alternative to the Saskatchewan Party for Saskatchewan people.

“We need to make sure that we have a strong plan for economic development,” said Wotherspoon. “But that this economic development is delivered to ensure that it improves the lives of the Saskatchewan people.”

When asked what his favorite aspect of Saskatchewan is, Wotherspoon immediately thought of the outdoors.

“I absolutely love our province,” said Wotherspoon. “But what maybe trumps my love of our natural assets and the outdoors would certainly be the people of Saskatchewan and the stories of our communities.”

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