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Pouring pints for points – Regina bar looking to sell the most Guinness on St. Paddy’s Day

This St. Paddy’s Day, an Irish pub in Regina served its pints of Guinness with a specific goal in mind: to pour more pints of Guinness than any other pub in Canada, a title it won last year.

“We sold 55 kegs of Guinness last year (on St. Patrick’s Day), and that was a Saturday. This year it is on a Sunday, and we are trying to sell 65,” said Niall O’Hanlon, owner of O’Hanlon’s Pub. “Maybe it is unrealistic, we don’t know. I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow.”

When you consider about 88 pints of Guinness are in each keg, this target is no small undertaking.

The competition is simple. Guinness representatives are able to keep track of who went through the most beer across the country.

“He was already in today to count the full ones (kegs), and tomorrow he will count the empty ones,” said O’Hanlon. “So unless a pub is willing to pour them down the drain it is a fairly honest competition, and no Irish guy will be pouring Guinness down the drain.”

O’Hanlon moved to Canada from Ireland 12 years ago. He said his first sight of the way barmen poured their pints of Guinness in Canada was a bit jarring.

“You get used to it after a while living in North America, but the first few years were a bit rough. That is why we opened a pub,” said O’Hanlon.

“And everyone here knows how to pour a perfect pint,” he promised.

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