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Access launches new 'HyperSpeed' Internet in Regina

After several months of testing, Access Communication is ready to launch AccessHyperSpeed, a new Internet service that promises to be 10 times faster than their previous top speed.

“There is a need for speed for our customers when it comes to Internet,” said Jim Deane, President and CEO of Access Commutations. “It will have up to 100 Mb/s (megabits per second) download speeds initially and eventually up to 200 Mb/s.”

The new service will be immediately available in Regina, Coppersands, Emerald Park, Pilot Butte, White City, Balgonie and Milestone.

According to Access, large downloads like high definition movies will now complete much quicker.

“With a 10 Mb/s download speed that (downloading an HD movie) will take a couple hours, with a 100 Mb/s it will take a couple minutes, so that is going to change the way people use the Internet,” said Deane.

“You are seeing a lot more streaming video, whether it is Netflix or YouTube or some of the other products out there and this will enhance the experience,” he continued.

Expansion of the service to more parts of the province is expected in the coming years and months.

“Here in Regina this has been about a $3 million investment,” said Deane. “From our perspective it is part of our $125 million capital upgrade plan over the next five years here in Saskatchewan.”

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