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Improved city planning needed for Regina business parking, pub owner says

Too much business growth without sufficient planning for it, and without nearly enough parking space for customers.

That’s what a Regina pub proprietor says is happening in an area just south of downtown, as prospective nightclub owners are poised to get a green light from city hall for their business in former office space on Albert Street.

Adam Sperling of Slow Pub and Liquor Store says the nearby nightclub on Albert’s 2100-block is being recommended for approval by municipal planners, despite its falling far short of the 12 parking spaces the city says it needs for patrons.

“You have to build parking into your development,” Sperling, Slow Pub’s CEO, said on Monday of the nightclub planned for the main floor of a two-storey office building just south of 13th Avenue.

“It’s like they have blinders on,” he added of city hall. “It’s business, business, business. Growth, growth, growth. But there are all kinds of side-effects.”

On Tuesday, city council will discuss the plan by the would-be nightclub’s four proprietors, whom Sperling alleged have renovated much of their 122-square-metre space before securing proper permits to do so.

Sperling accuses the city of pushing the plan ahead, despite the business having only three parking spaces of its own and a plan to share three other stalls with the adjacent Regina Chamber of Commerce office — and to likely use six more spots at an Impark lot more than 70 metres away.

The nightclub’s ownership couldn’t be reached for comment.

“The parking problem is already there. It’s a parking problem for everybody right now,” Sperling explained, noting several existing pubs or lounges in the area.

“It’s going to sink somebody,” he added. “It’s going to alienate a whole bunch of businesses — not just ours.”

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