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Riders alumnus Matt Dominguez’s stolen Grey Cup ring found by chance: Regina police

Matt Dominguez got a relieving call on Sunday morning from the Regina Police Service.

His Grey Cup championship ring, which he had won with the Roughriders in 2007, had been found — only one day after he reported it stolen from his vehicle outside his home in Moose Jaw.

“I am in awe of the luck involved,” Dominguez told Metro on Sunday.

“For it to be gone only 24 hours … and for all these little things to have to have happened for them to retrieve it — it’s kind of incredible.”

The ring was found — by chance — in the pocket of a man arrested by Regina police on Sunday morning for unrelated outstanding warrants on the 600-block of Victoria Avenue.

“I mean there was no tip or anything,” said Sgt. Paul Selinger, watch commander for the RPS. “We brought (a) person into our detention area and (when) the search was done for property, we located the ring.”

Dominguez — a receiver with Saskatchewan from 2003 to 2009 — tweeted about the stolen ring at about 7 a.m. on Saturday, noting he had left it in his vehicle’s middle console after an event.

Police believe the ring changed hands several times, and that the man found with it is not responsible for the robbery.

“It is confusing, and I am a little bit baffled by it too,” said Selinger. “It’s still going to be investigated and we’ll look into more avenues and answer some more questions.”

Dominguez, who plans to pick up his CFL championship ring from police on Monday, said he will be happy to just have it back on his finger.

“I guess it will be (exciting),” said Dominguez. “It took a little break and had a good weekend away from me, but it’s going to be back on my hand.”

Dominguez tweeting about the lost ring:

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