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In photos: The extraordinary Queen City Ex menu

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Grumbling stomachs will be happy to hear that there is no lack of delicious options at this years' Queen City Exhibition.

The choices are endless: from deep-friend oreos to bacon-wrapped corndogs to ice cream-topped funnel cake.

But not all the options are really traditional fair food.

Jason Au brought his two trailers — Phat Dawgs and Wok this Way — from Vancouver, bringing Chinese food and some interesting mixtures on top of the hot dogs.

Getting the most interested glances, the Japanese dog is made with teriyaki sauce, fried onions, Japanese mayo and topped with seaweed.

At Phat Dawgs, you can order one of the three specialty hot dogs or make your own with 16 topping choices. You can even add one of those options to the specialty hot dogs.

One combination that kept popping up in other cities was adding a fried egg on top of the Japanese dog.

"We just started a new Japanese dog with fried egg on it," said Eric Pan, one of the workers. "But here (in Regina) the most popular dog has been the Mexican."

The dogs only run about 400-450 calories, except if you want some bacon.

"It's not that bad because pretty much everything is veggies, except for the bacon," said Pan.

But then again, some things like deep-fried butter is exactly what you think about when you think fair food.

Yes, its butter inside homemade pie crust that has been deep fried with cinnamon and sugar on top and ice cream on the side for dipping. It's an explosion of butter when you bite down.

Counting calories yet?

"Each one of those little balls, and you get five per order, is 200 calories," said Boyd Neuton, who owns the Deep Fried Pies  along with a Froyolicious and Fry Guys.

"So you better be hungry."

If you are looking for a healthy option, Wrap Daddys sells gluten-free and celiac-friendly options.

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