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Photo Gallery: Saskatchewan wakeboarders take on Wascana Lake

This is indeed making waves. And people along Wascana Lake on Thursday took notice.

Several rookie wakeboarders rode the water, getting free lessons — and providing a glimpse of what will be seen at Wascana Park on Saturday.

“(We are) giving everybody the opportunity to try wakeboarding and check out some really great wakeboarders in the coming days,” said Adam Burwell, owner of Grassroots Wakeboard School, who taught the Learn to Ride sessions.

Burwell is the event co-ordinater for Wake Jam 2013, the provincial wakeboard championship that will cover the park on Saturday. Those in attendance, he said, will see flips and tricks by “some of the best in the province and in Canada.”

Burwell offered 15 free 20-minute lessons on Thursday as a way to get beginners onto the board to try the sport.

It was the first time on a wakeboard for 13-year-old Paige DeBruin, who after only one try was able to get to her feet.

“It was awesome,” said DeBruin. “You felt like you were flying.”

Wakeboarding on Wascana is not a sight you see everyday — Burwell applied to hold the lessons and the event at the park.

“It’s not a common thing to see a motorboat on Wascana Lake,” said Burwell.

“What I love about being on Wascana Lake is just the urban setting. It’s awesome to be able to wakeboard in my hometown, in front of the legislature and it’s just such a beautiful place to be.”

Raw video footage

Note: I tended to start filming just as the wakeboarders were about to fall.

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