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Regina Car Share doubles its fleet — to two — through new partnership

Regina Car Share Co-operative has teamed with a building developer to increase its fleet and to add locations for its members.

Oak Park Living, which will begin building its Velocity condominium complex this spring, has purchased a Fiat 500L for the co-op.

The new vehicle — the co-op's second — will be parked for use at the Harbour Landing complex upon its completion in early 2015. In the meantime, it will be parked in city hall's parkade.

“These partnerships are definitely a win-win-win situation for all those involved. This is density done right for the city,” deputy mayor Shawn Fraser said on Thursday.

Car-sharing is a fairly new concept in Regina. As the city grows, said co-op president John Klein, it’s becoming a more viable means of transportation.

“It works out as a 24-hour self-serve rental service,” Klein explained.

“Car-share vehicles tend to replace the need for about eight to 13 vehicles on the road for every vehicle shared.”

The co-op purchased its first car in late 2009. It’s currently shared by its 35 members.

A car-share membership costs $25 with a refundable $500 damage deposit. Members pay $7 for the first hour of driving and $5 for every hour after that.

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