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Regina homeowners say price of road repair too steep

Several south-end homeowners on what’s been called one of Regina's worst roads are asking city hall to stop planned street repairs after learning that it will cost each of them several thousand dollars.

The city recently told property owners on Grant Drive that their street is up for a $3-million reconstruction under a cost-sharing local improvement program (LIP) and that they’re expected to foot approximately $570,000 — about $7,500 per household — of the bill to fix sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

The residents generally agree that repairs must be made, but some say they alone shouldn’t shoulder that kind of cost — above their property tax — while everyone else benefits from the work.

“The price tag is just exorbitant. And ... buses go up and down, so improvements on Grant Drive don’t just benefit us,” said longtime resident Frank Flegel.

However, Adam Homes, the city's director of roadways and transportation services, said it’s a reasonable sum to ask for.

"And the more that it’s put off," Homes said of the project, "the more it’s going to cost."

A similar reconstruction of the street was proposed in 2010, though homeowners voted that down under the LIP process. This time, the residents have until March 10 to petition against it.

Flegel, though, said many of them believe they weren’t given enough notice about the deadline.

“It’s one of the worst roads in the city," said Coun. Barbara Young of Ward 1.

"Everyone agrees that it should be repaired, so we’re having internal meetings.”

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