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Update: House explosion in Regina's North Central sends four to hospital

Four people were taken to a Regina hospital after an explosion at a house in the city's North Central district on Thursday.

An adult and two children living in a rental unit in the house have been treated for smoke inhalation after the blast, which was sparked as a fire broke out in the basement of the structure on the 800-block of Elphinstone Street about 5 p.m.

An adult living in a basement suite has also been treated in hospital.

"It looks like the explosion occurred in the basement area," said Gerard Kay, Regina's deputy fire chief.

"There's a rental suite on the bottom and a rental suite on the main floor."

Kay added on Twitter that the explosion caused extensive damage to the basement and "was a result of the occupant from (the) basement fleeing and the sudden introduction of air caused an over pressure."

The fire department, he said, received nine calls in “short order” following the explosion.

An investigator is expected to return to the scene on Friday to try to determine the cause of the blaze.

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